Who is AMG Automotive Installations?

Allan Michael George, AMG, has been performing professional automotive electrical installations for more than seventeen years. He has allowed his passion and obsession to become his purpose.  AMG treats every installation in every vehicle or piece of heavy machinery that he works on as though it is going onto a battle field.  AMG has worked on a wide range of electrical systems including:   helicopters, armored personnel carriers (APC), motorcycles, boats, golf carts, and countless other types of electrical systems - you can trust your vehicle or fleet is in good hands.

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Why AMG Automotive Installations?

AMG Automotive Installations has seventeen plus years of automotive electrical, product knowledge and technical expertise, which means nothing gets overlooked when designing installation packages for your fleet. The development and use of proprietary documentation and single point of contact mitigates the chances of something getting missed in the design and quote for your vehicle.  AMG partners with local distributors and utilizes high quality parts and supplies because we understand that poor quality product and/or workmanship results in unwanted downtime ultimately costing our clients more money in all areas of their business. All ready have the product(s) and you just need a reliable good quality installation? We can provide you with just that too!


Our Services

Quality and Functionality, Guaranteed

AMG Automotive Installations provides but is not limited to the following installation, removal, & diagnostic services:


- Police, fire, and rescue vehicle decommissioning

- Two-way radio and vehicle repeater installation

- GPS/AVL installation

- Pre-Emptive GPS

- Back up sensors, alarms, and cameras

- Dash cameras

- Bluetooth connectivity

- Home and vehicle cellular phone signal boosters

- Emergency warning lights and sirens including amber lighting

- Emergency warning siren and light controllers

- Prisoner partitions

- Push bumpers

- Winches

- Gun locks

- Gun safes

- Emergency vehicle electrical harness installation

- Custom factory wiring modifications

- Trunk tray organizers

- Mobile data terminal (MDT) computer mounts

- In-car video recorders

- Remote car starters and alarms

AMG Automotive Installations is partnered with local distributors and utilizes high quality parts and supplies. We understand that poor quality product can result in downtime ultimately costing our clients more money in all areas of their business. AMG Automotive Installations is proud to be partnered with the following distributors:

- B&B Electronics

- Fatwire Distribution

- Sirennet

- Edmonton Fasteners

- Gregg's Distributors

- Acklands Grainger

- All-Can Distributors

-  Feniex Industries

-  Soundoff Signal


Installation, Removal, & Diagnostics


Vehicle Accessories & Components


Emergency Vehicle Technician

Edmonton, Alberta, police, fire, rescue, evt, Emergecy Vehicle Technician

Mobile Electronics Certified Professional

MECP, mobile, Electroics, Certified, Professional

ASE-6 Certified

ASE, ASE-6, Edmonton, Alberta

AMIVC Licensed

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