N-Range 2.0 Mobile Booster Kit

Stop dropped calls and improve text and cellular data inside of any vehicle. SureCall’s N-Range 2.0 boosts cell service for all cellular devices and every cell carrier in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The N-Range 2.0 uses Extended Range Technology™ (ERT) to capture and amplify signal at its strongest point, outside the vehicle, to deliver maximum signal quality and speed directly to your device. It also boosts the return signal, offering the maximum in vehicle-to-tower reach. Installation is quick and the entire N-Range kit, which fits in the palm of your hand, can be easily transferred between vehicles, making it simple for drivers to receive the most reliable cell reception wherever they go.


• Improves voice, text and data signals – including 4G LTE for every cell carrier in the US, Canada and Mexico

• Long vehicle-to-tower reach ensures reliability in increasingly remote areas

• Equipped with Extended Range Technology